The Corinth Letters

From the back cover:

In 55 AD, Linus, a pottery worker of the house of Chloe, is sent by his mistress with a secret message to Paul, the founder of the church in Corinth. The letter that Paul sends in response, however, does not have the desired effect, involving Linus in some nasty church politics. Something more than a letter from Paul will be needed, if the church in Corinth is going to survive.

In 2013 AD, Matt, a young Australian on holiday in Greece, meets Emily, a beautiful young American archaeologist. In an effort to impress her he decides to fake Paul’s ‘previous’ letter to the Corinthians. However, things do not work out quite as he planned and their relationship seems to be over before it even begins.

Become immersed in the historical context of 1 and 2 Corinthians in this exciting sequel to The Ephesus Scroll.

What scholars are saying about The Corinth Letters:

“Ben Chenoweth’s historical novel, The Corinth Letters, is both creatively conceived and based upon a careful reading of the Apostle Paul’s letters to the Corinthian church. It forges two horizons, that of tensions existing in the Corinthian church of the first century on the one hand, and the work of young people assisting with an archaeological dig at ancient Corinth in the twenty-first century on the other. The result is both illuminating and engaging, and one that postulates tantalising connections between the two. The book can be read simply for the enjoyment of a well-written historical novel. It can also be read for an appreciation of the historical background to Paul’s letters to the Corinthians by students of the New Testament. They will find it hard to put down, not something that can usually be said about New Testament text books.”

— Colin G. Kruse
Author of 2 Corinthians (Tyndale New Testament Commentary)

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