MST Press Reprints!

Here’s some exciting news for you: MST Press has agreed to reprint the first novel in the Exegetical Histories series, The Ephesus Scroll, and my play, Saul, First King of Israel.  Since this meant preparing new print files, I thought it was worth while doing a complete redesign of Saul (the previous cover was definitely looking its age!) and adding an endorsement to Ephesus to bring it in line with The Corinth Letters.

I’m particularly excited about the new-look Saul.  The Rembrandt painting on the front is exquisite and the off-centre title is rather striking.  The description on the back is also new and, I think, helps to draw the reader in.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Ephesus Scroll front cover

Ephesus Scroll back cover

Saul Front Cover

Saul Back Cover

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