One week to go…

Less than one week until the official book launch!  This will take place at Diamond Valley Baptist Church at both the morning service (9:30am) and the evening service (6:00pm).  I will be preaching at both services, using two excerpts from the novel to provide an overview of the purpose of the book of Revelation.

Then, after each service I will be only too happy to sell you a copy of the novel – and sign it, too, if you would like…

So come one, come all!


DATE:  1st September, 2013
TIMES:  9:30am or 6:00pm
WHERE:  Diamond Valley Baptist Church
309 Diamond Creek Rd, Plenty 3090 (Melway Reference: 11D7)

2 thoughts on “One week to go…

  1. Have you ever seen this site for American Chenoweths?

    I know about since I was born Roberta Chenoweth. Are there any sites in Australia? I would be interested in passing on to my brother to pass on the site as he is involved in the family reunions.

    • Hi there,
      No, I don’t know of any equivalent site in Australia. I do know that the Chenoweths in Australia date from about the 1850s, so they were in Cornwall for longer than the US Chenoweths.

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