An Interview (and a Giveaway!)

I thought it was worth posting a link to an interview I did recently on a friend’s writing blog. Check it out here:

To give you an idea of the content, here were the questions I was asked:
1. What made you decide to dedicate hours and hours of your life to sitting behind a screen and touching little buttons?
2. Describe your writing history until this point in 25 words or less.
3. What is your writing style: plot it all out or discovery writing? one draft or many? Little bits everyday or mammoth writing sessions?
4. Best piece of writing advice you have ever received or given.
5. Inspiration behind this novel?
6. Do you have a favourite part of this novel?
7. While you were writing this novel, you were working full time with a wife and two daughters and living in a foreign country: did you develop any good techniques for finding time, or is it always hard?
8. What are the top tips you have learned about self-publishing?
9. Any new projects on the horizons?
10. Mystery questions: answer any question you feel I should have asked 😀 (and I chose “Since marketing is the big problem with self-publishing, how can people help a struggling author out?”)

And there is a giveaway, too. So check it out!

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