The Rome Gospel

The apostle Paul is dead, executed by the emperor Nero. When news of the apostle Peter’s arrest reaches Yohanan, also known as Mark, he decides the time has come for him to leave Rome. However, before he can board a ship to Cyrene, the city of his birth, he receives a divine call to become a servant of the word — someone who can retell the account of Jesus.

In order to do so he needs to spend time with one of the last eyewitnesses still living in Rome, a woman named Junia. The process will be a lengthy one, and the danger of arrest is a daily risk. But Mark is unprepared for the memories that are stirred up, memories of his childhood, the failures and successes of his adult life, but most importantly the memories of a horrible, dark night many years ago in Jerusalem…

Become immersed in the context that gave rise to the first written gospel, the Gospel of Mark, in this exciting historical novel by Ben Chenoweth, author of The Ephesus Scroll and The Corinth Letters.